Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting the balance right...

How tricky is it to get the balance right in life?
I have two toddlers under two-and-a-half, run a small business with my sister Kim, manage busy and messy household, forget to exercise and to drink water, eat way too much cake and chocolate, try really hard to be the best wife I can, and often neglect my vegetable garden.

I feel like I’ve had a very messy and disorganised last couple of years; so, this year, I promised myself that I’m going to make an effort to get some balance back into my life.

Of course, there are some old favourites in the mix – to exercise, eat well, and to love the place that I’m in and the people that I’m with. But I’m adding in some new ones too: to read at least a chapter just before bed; to tell the people I care about that I appreciate and love them more often; to write more letters and send birthday cards; to make an effort to see and spend more time with friends and family. I’d also love to live a more creative life by taking more photos, by experimenting in the kitchen, by writing on a regular basis, by taking a sewing class, so I can make my children beautiful clothes using beautiful materials, and by making the kids a handmade birthday present each year. I’d love to grow watermelons and apples, would love to give my neighbours fresh herbs from my garden, would love to grow sweet-smelling creeping flowers all over our white picket fence, and would love to install a timed water feeder in the garden, so if I forget to water the plants they won’t wilt in the heat.

Looks like so many things to do; luckily, the year is long…

How do you get the balance right in your own life?


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone get the balance right? I do lots of juggling, and spend a lot of time assessing whether or not we've got the right mix of work/play/rest. I have 3 boys under 5, all at home, and I'm trying to orchestrate a career change to writing.
Since baby 3 came along, exercise has dropped off my list and am trying to get it back on again. Lots of tweaking, squeezing, deal making will take place in order to get me back to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. The writing will probably have to wait until Boy 1 starts school or I will probably explode.