Friday, October 28, 2011

Grateful #23 – What are you thankful for this week?

Sometimes being unwell is just the remedy you need, you know? It forces you to slow right down, look after your body, listen to the early bed call, and take the time (or make the time) to rest, instead of rushing around madly. And even though you feel utterly wretched, sleep and love and tea mean that you’re stronger and better able to climb back on top of daily tasks when it all passes on.

With that in mind, this week I’m grateful for:

Hand sewing. At the beginning of the week when I felt broken and stuffed up and in need of at least ten years of sleep all in a row, I started on a small, lovely project for the doting Grandmothers for Christmas. All propped up and comfy on the couch, with water, endless boxes of tissues, and a life-saving movie on for the babes, I began to embroider - what a relaxing, wonderful skill! All those small, neat stitches, a simple design, and the makings of a (hopefully!) treasured present.
But the sweetest part? Judah climbing in and snuggling under the covers with me,  and measuring his hands against the embroidered pattern, just in case he’d grown while I was stitching…

Renovating. Ok, it’s not my real house – but a simply-designed wooden dollhouse I found on Ebay for an absolute bargain, and started working on this week in preparation for Lou for Christmas. I’ve been having a ball painting and planning and researching (you’d be surprised how many people take the redecoration of a dollhouse very seriously), but I’m keeping it simple: a lick of paint, some new upholstery on the wooden furniture and bedding (plastic-y pink fabric is out!), and a change of clothes for the peg-like dolls. Lou has a real love for small, pocket-sized things, and I’m bursting at the thought of her playing with this lovingly restored treasure on Christmas day.

What are you grateful for this week?

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi Nat..I hope you feel better now! What a lovely idea for the grandparents, especially as you're talented with small neat stitching abilities. I hope you'll show and tell when the doll's house is renovated too.

Teresa said...

Sounds like you gave yourself the best type of medicine! I love that idea of embroidering handprints - beautiful.

Have you seen the beautiful doll house 'renovation' that Megan did over at Mousehouse ( is an absolute feast for the eyes and imagination for dollhouse lovers.

Good luck with your dollhouse renovations and hope you feel better soon!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Oh Teresa! Thank you so much for posting that link - I'd seen this mousehouse dollhouse reno ages ago, but never wrote down the web address or any other details - I've literally been searching for it for months! Thank you!

Thank you for the well-wishes Carol :) Hoping you both have a wonderful weekend!


Maxabella said...

A dollshouse reno sounds unbelievably cute. Can't wait o see it!

And you literally meant 'hand' sewing, which gave me a chuckle. x