Friday, May 18, 2012

Starting again

Image from Heart Box Studio

A whole month has passed since I’ve been back to blog about the things that are happening in our world. Part of it was a choice; part was because busyness and the mayhem of motherhood  sometimes gets in the way of quiet reflective writing; and part of it was because sometimes it’s so tricky being creative in every sphere of your life – in real life, home life, and online life.
I think I was a bit worn out.

But, I have been thinking about our little blog a lot, and about what I want from it; and I’ve come to realise just how much pressure I placed on it to perform and to build and generate some kind of following; which is quite a difficult thing to do, considering how many beautiful and creative blogs there are out there. I also got in the habit of making a whole lot of unconscious comparisons with tonnes of amazing and successful blogs, which made it tricky to write what was from my heart. There were many, many times that I deleted posts that I wrote with love, because I worried about how readers would respond – or if they’d respond at all.

So, this is me starting again: without the worry of comments or content or followers or whether or not my posts are being read; embracing the wonder and sweetness of childhood through the eyes of my children; celebrating family, delicious food, all things handmade, the warmth of the sun and the weeds in my kitchen garden, togetherness, sewing, tea, cake, and the loveliness of friendship.

I’m a big fan of new beginnings.

Thanks for sticking around, dear readers – I’m so glad you’re here.


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MultipleMum said...

I for one have missed your whimsy. Glad you are back x