Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In the beginning...

The quest for a new doll starts out as just a pile of oddly cut but beautiful fabric, threads of all colours and sizes, and the noisy whirr of my 20 year old sewing machine; but, it isn’t until I attach the two wee shiny buttons for eyes, and a wide, deep pink smile that these little treasures come to life for me. Add to that a cute pair of shorts or a high waisted skirt, their hair neatly done, and a beautiful old-fashioned name, and look – they’re alive!

Old fashioned names have always evoked a sense of nostalgia and charm for me, so all of the dolls I make get a specially selected, carefully matched name. But, like a new parent, sometimes the hunt for the perfect name can be a long one. Does he look like a handsome little Hudson who can’t resist jumping off the sofa in an attempt to fly? Or does she look like a carefree Collette, who would love nothing more than to spend a hot afternoon jumping over a cool sprinkler in the backyard with her dog? 

You see my predicament?

What is never hard is finding absolutely mouth-watering fabrics from our local and interstate suppliers.  My heart beats a little faster, and my eyes get a little wider when I step into their stores, or go to a bustling fabric fare. I must admit, I have bought fabric for no project or purpose other than the fact that it is so beautiful - but, more often than not, a little red headed boy with a cheeky smile, or a daintily and perfectly dressed blonde girl slips into mind - and I can’t wait to make them, name them, and see them with a special little someone I know - being hugged tightly, or curled up for bed with their new best friend.

Sleeping Lou and Bonny Bea

The first doll I made was for my darling niece, Lou, for her first Christmas. As I made it, I hoped that little Bea would be a perfectly-sized friend for her, and something she would love and treasure for years to come. I hoped that she remembered Bea fondly as she grew older, and I put my heart into the making of her.
I’m pleased to say, that she is still a favourite – she’s been chewed on, hugged, tossed and washed more times that I can count, but Lou still loves her, and won’t sleep without her (and the rest of the entourage – Bea was joined by Charlie, Audrey and Millie all before her first birthday).
Lou also tends to claim every doll that enters the house as her own ‘Bubba,’ and it warms my heart to see her take one wherever she goes - tucked under her little arm as she waddles about.


Ps. Bea, Charlie, and Audrey are all available in our Etsy shop now. Millie is in production and will be available online soon.


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