Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple Pleasures

When I was little, I had a small box of paper dolls that I painstakingly handmade and gave personalities to. I’d cut them all out together in one big long paper doll chain, then give each one a different hairstyle and clothes with my bright coloured felt pens. They were all named after characters from my favourite childhood movies, had complicated, busy lives, were always getting into romantic scrapes, and the girls always needed to be rescued by one of the ‘handsome prince’ type figures.
I loved those paper dolls; they were my most favourite and for some strange reason, an entirely secret game. Maybe I just liked having a creative outlet that was all my own.
I also remember being really upset if one of them got too fragile for use and I knew I’d have to make a replacement (which was never quite the same or as good as the original).
I saw a paper doll for sale on Etsy this week, and it spurred the memory of my own; and then in searching for some to go along with this post, I found these which I actually wouldn’t mind owning myself…

Miniature Moveable Valentines Dolls by Hollandsworth

Summer Fun Paper Doll set by Little Mo and Friends

The Cat made me Steal by PaperThinSaga

I kept my paper doll box until I was well into my teens, and then just before moving out, in a fit of grown-up-ed-ness, I threw out the lot. I regret it now - having a small daughter of my own, I can’t help but imagine showing them to her when she’s a little bit older – a small glimpse into the childhood I can barely remember.

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