Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It’s ambitious

I have this idea to make a play market stall for Lou for her third birthday in October. The kids have been obsessed with playing shops for the last couple of months; it currently consists of long wooden blocks end-to-end on the floor, with all their treasures lined up in a haphazard way, and a fist full of paper money that has to be made new every game (because old hand-drawn money just won’t do).
But I’ve been dreaming of a market stand with a lemon-striped awning; of wooden boxes brimming with lovingly handmade cakes, tarts and French bread, super-soft handmade felt vegetables and baskets of favourite fruits; of wooden bottles of milk and cheese, and a wooden cash register filled with bright fabric money and little wooden coins; and of happy kids trading and making and pretending to sample, small wicker baskets tucked under their arms.

I’m trying to make as much of the play produce as I can from the lovely soft wool felt that we use for all of our tarts and cakes, and I’ve been scouring the internet for additional wooden stock to bulk it out a bit. I have to admit, it’s a mammoth task when coupled with market prep and custom orders; but I’ve been lucky enough to nab a set of wooden dairy and meat items, and have been slowly sewing corn cobs, carrots, apples and strawberries, the first few on the list, late at night in front of the tele.


There’s also another more sentimental reason why I’m so keen to see this project come to fruition: when your handmade life becomes a business, there’s a whole lot of making of gorgeous things, and not a lot of playing with the end result. My little ones have shared me with the sewing machine, and learnt that a lot of the things that mama makes goes to other children; I think it’s the reason why this plan has taken root in my heart. They’ve been so very patient with me.

I’ll keep you posted as it comes together…


Ps. Wooden Apples from Applenamos; Lettuce from Pugglehollow; Play Money from Ryhthm of the Home; Wooden Produce found at Emils; and Wooden Eggs from Applenamos.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea, and your thinking is right. We do need to share our work with our children. I'd love to see a picture of the completed market when its ready. I am pining for craft, been so busy with books and reviews I can't get to the sewing table yet.

Naturally Carol said...

What a beautiful idea! I hope you can pull it all together, just the way you see it in your imagination.

Steph said...

So, so lovely! ANd I completely understand your sentiment. I find myself often telling Bijou that something I'm making is for a market or another little boy or girl. Love all your finds too. What a special Mumma you are! Wishing you a glorious weekend :) x
P.S. Remy absolutely adores his Bruno doll!