Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things My Kid Says

Having moved past the {sometimes infuriating} why phase with Judah, we are now wallowing in the middle of complicated question time, an ever-changing, always surprising string of quite random questions that have absolutely nothing to do with whatever we happen to be doing at the time, but none-the-less, require an immediate and awesome answer.
I find myself faced with an odd question that I’m utterly unprepared for, almost on a daily basis; and he’ll watch me suspiciously – like he can see that I’ve never, ever, ever thought about some of the things he’ll ask - and my crown of the last couple of years (the all-knowing, all-seeing gig) slips noticeably.

I have, of course, sent him to get answers from Daddy when completely stumped. 
I’ve also managed to wiggle my way out of very complicated or sensitive questions by offering marshmallows, a cup of juice or a tickly-hug. But I know this can’t last forever, and that I’m going to have to be grown up, and face up to his questions (no matter how strange or intricate) with real answers. Oh dear.

Here are some recent gems:

“Mum, when you die and are dead forever, why do you have to be put in the ground? Why can’t you just be at home with your Mum and Dad?”

“If the world spins around, why don’t we fall over and get dizzy?”

 “What will happen if I touch fire?”

“Why did the dinosaurs eat eachother? If I eat a boy will I be as big as a dinosaur?”

“Where do the stars go when the sun is here in the morning?”

“If I lived in your tummy when I was a baby, can other things live in there too?”

Do you have an inquisitive child? What’s the trickiest question they’ve ever asked of you?



Candy said...

Ha ha! This is what we have to look forward to. We only entered the 'why' phase rather recently and I do agree that it can be infuriating some days. But this is a whole other level of tricky. You should totally keep a record of the most interesting questions he asks and show him when he is an adult!

zoe said...

Hi Nat!!
I'd love to get in contact with you about your gorgeous dolls :)
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I was wondering if you did wholesale or consignment?
Hope to hear from you soon,