Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pattern #2: Embroider me!

So, I had the loveliest time embroidering with the Brisbane Brown Owls a few weeks ago – learning a new skill and being around other creatively minded people was just wonderful!
I’ve been so hoping to use this new skill in my next ‘One Pattern a Month’ pledge, and have been on the hunt for the last couple of weeks for the perfect free pattern to tackle. And lucky me! This morning, I read a guest post on Soule Mama by Charlotte Lyons, who had made the sweetest gift for Soule Mama’s newborn baby girl, Annabel.

Isn’t it sweet?
And Hurrah! A free pattern!
We’ve got lots of lovely new babes being born around us at the moment – just another excuse for me to bring more handmade into the everyday.

Want to join in too? Download Charlotte’s easy-peasy pattern here, and follow the instructions here.


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