Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preparation and chocolate biscuits are the key…

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I’m watching the weeks go by. You know that feeling? Where things are flying past so quickly and you’re feet are barely touching the ground, as you fly from one thing to the next?

I’ve got this crazy map/plan for the next ten weeks, with endless lists of tasks to accomplish at the end of every week; and yesterday, I realised that my system wasn’t working, because I actually wasn’t crossing anything off.

And I was a bit devastated.

But, today is a bright, shiny new day, and systems are meant to be changed and tweaked; and I’m going to take the weekend off (really off, no teeny projects squeezed in for good measure, or out of guilt for the work I should be doing) to re-evaluate and try to figure out a better way to do things.

I've had a small brainstorm this morning, and this is what I came up with:
1. No “I’ll just check my mail/FB/Blog quickly” during the day. Total time vortex.
2. Edit my to-do lists and focus on the most important project first; allow for breaks, tea and biscuits. I like the idea of rewarding myself for ticking off a big project too – something to work towards.

But I thought I’d ask:
How do you stay on task?
What systems do you have in place to get through busy weeks?
How do you stay creative when you’ve got lots on the go?


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amberlee said...

I am hopeless at staying on task, but i always get everything done. Not sure how but a lot of late nights are included.