Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spirited Sophia

Spirited Sophia skips about - her arms are flapping wings;
She swoops and leaps and chortles, giggling as she sings:
“Today I’m a bird – no, a lion! Or wait, a shrieking bat –
I’m a tall necked giraffe, a bleating lamb, and a prowling cat.
I love the way that penguins slide and the graceful gazelle leaps;
And I’d love to be a slow brown bear, in a hibernating sleep.
I’m a busy bee tumbling into flowers, pollen all stuck to my legs;
I’m a slow moving rhino, a long-legged spider, a puppy sitting up to beg.”
“Oh my, Sophia – what a changeling you are!” I say to her with a smile,
“You’ve a whole zoo in your imagination; perhaps I’ll stay a while?”
Sophia beams her biggest grin, and leaps into the air –
“And look! Now I’m a fierce dragon, breathing fire without a care…”

Available now in our Etsy store, or meet her at our stall at Mathilda’s Market on the 6th of August!

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