Friday, May 27, 2011

Grateful #10: What are you thankful for today?

We all lead such busy lives; I’m guilty of breezing through the day, barely stopping, slurping tea on my way to the next task, shooing the kids away from whatever project I’m working on that day. I’m guilty of not stopping to appreciate anything, and being wrapped up in my own busyness.

So, this week, I’m grateful for:

Small moments of loveliness. This week, I made a point of stopping; and it was based on a blog post I read by the lovely Gill at Alice Becomes.
Gill wrote a post last week about wanting to live in the moment, and how she decided to stop at one night to be present, still and grateful. And it really resonated with me – because I don’t do it nearly enough, and wish I did it a whole lot more.

So this week, I stopped.
A lot.

I stopped to listen to my children chatter to eachother during the day. I fell in love with the fact that they fall all over eachother every morning after a big sleep, and hug like they’re long lost friends, returning from an adventure. I paid attention when they read stories together, when they held hands out to the car, or danced together to new music, Lou stamping her feet off-beat to the rhythm, Judah strumming his three-stringed guitar.

I wallowed in the gorgeous smell of roasted apple and blueberry muffins, hot out of the oven; the extra sweetness of marshmallows in hot chocolate; fresh cut lavender and snapdragons in a vase in our kitchen, straight from the garden.

I lounged like a cat in the sunny spots, and found lots of excuses to be outside. One afternoon, I planted onions, leeks, carrots, beets, sage, coriander, a chilli tree, and a honey-bee attracting grevillea; I stopped to appreciate the warmth of the sun as it broke the chill of the wind, and the loamy damp smell of fresh turned earth.

I stopped to appreciate the stillness of the house late at night, my feet in new woolly sock, the soft glow of the lamp over my sewing machine. And I watched our sad-faced dog dream, legs jerking, yapping a sleepy bark which made me think she was on the chase.

So thank you, Gill – I’m so grateful for your blog post, because I had the loveliest week following your lead.

What are you grateful for this week?


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Image from here. I’m the queen of post-it notes for reminders…


Simone @ Greatfun4kids said...

Lovely post.
Lovely thoughts.
Something that easy to forget in our fast-pasced world!
Stopping by from Maxabella's Linky...

Alice Becomes said...

Yay! Nat, sooo pleased to read your post and that you managed to stop and absorb so many moments this past week. It sounds like you stopped a lot more than I managed to! But, then again, this is an absolute learning process for me. So thanks for your inspiring post - I am going to step it up a notch this week.

Oh and we love your link to us and very kind words. You rock!

Gill xo

Gill xo

amberlee said...

What a wonderful grateful post. I may have to join in this little project. So many things pass me by in this stressful, busy world. Thanks for the reminder to just stop and be x

Anonymous said...

I posted a similiar thought this week. It's amazing when we actually do stop just how much we appreciate and find around us. Lovely post. xx

amberlee said...

Your comment put a big smile on my face, thanks so much!!

P.S your handmade things are adorable xx

ally said...

what a beautiful post
I try...everyday too