Friday, May 13, 2011

Grateful #8 - What are you thankful for today?

This week has been really been all about love; and as a result, my grateful list is very sentimental. But isn’t it nice to have weeks like that sometimes? Where the whole world seems to be in a cocoon of care and kindness? 
(This prologue also serves as a kind of warning…)
This week I’m very grateful for:

Fireplaces. It’s getting really chilly here at night; so socks and flannel pyjamas to bed, lots of comfy quilts, and hearty winter warming food are a staple in our house. And this week, we added to the winter list by lighting the fire for the first time. The first night we lit it, I’d gone out for a walk with a friend - our whole street was hazy with the smoke from neighbour’s fireplaces. But it was lovely to walk into a warm room after the cold and wind of the night, to a blazing fire, the dog stretched out snoring in front of it, and a hot cup of tea. I just love my fireplace.

Dear friends. It’s been a week of new beginnings – wonderful friends of ours had their first baby, a beautiful, precious, little girl; another couple we love to distraction have just found out that they have to move away – but it’ll be a real family adventure. Kim and Mum, my dearest and most beloved friends of all, have allowed me to explore a secret dream by buying me the most wonderful gift, a tool to help see it come to fruition. Their generosity has set my feet on a new path, a brand shiny-new beginning.
This week has made me sit back and marvel at how blessed we are to have the friendships we do; we’re surrounded by the most wonderful, lovingly kind-hearted people, and we’re so fortunate to be a part of their lives – to be able to share these new beginnings with them. So, very grateful for dear friends.

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Love letters. Because I’ve had such a loved-up week, I started writing little notes and leaving them around the house. Have you ever done that? It’s such a lovely thing to see the people you care about the most know that they’re much-loved and so appreciated. And it’s made me smile to think of little things that I’m so grateful for daily, right under my very own roof.

What are you grateful for this week?


Ps. Want to play too? Link your list back to the delightful Maxabella Loves, or you can leave your grateful list in the comment section below x


deux chiens et un garcon said...

Leaving little love letters. A sweet little gesture. Love only brings more love.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Kim H said...

Hi Nat:) I've just done my grateful post on fires too. Aren't they the best? x

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I like that Jill - love only brings more love. Beautifully said :)
Just read your post Kim - they're absolutely one of my favourite parts to winter too. And yes, even better with no TV, jaffles and hot chocolate!
x N

Kymmie said...

I love Maxabella's weekly grateful. When the week has been full of despair, there's a way we can be Pollyanna and focus on the good things.

What's not to love about love notes, friends and fireplaces? We've had our heating on full, and should be lighting our hearths instead...

Have a wonderful week. You have such a lovely place over here! xx

Maxabella said...

Oh, you know me, I LOVE this post. I know many might think we are overly sentimental, but I WALLOW in any little bits of yum that I can find. So, I think your week has been a cocoon of wonderful and I'm very happy that you are feeling that the world is so special. x

AMY said...

Very Sweet list of things!
Awwwwww fireplace glowing and the dog laid out in front of it......what a lovely picture that paints.
I'm a new follower from Minnesota.
Amy's Life @