Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update: Pattern #1

Remember the pattern pledge?
I finally got my act together over the weekend, and within a couple of hours had all my material cut, pattern decoded, sewing machine at the ready, buttons found, arms sewn on, and two little mice ready to go to a new home. So wonderfully quick, and as a first attempt, they’re not too bad at all!

In the spirit of this being a learning adventure, I now understand this:

Sewing golden rule number one:
Read pattern instructions carefully before cutting out pattern pieces.

After I had cut out everything and taken a lovely photo, I realised that the arms were done in a tricky, sneaky way because they were so small. It was very clearly stated on the pattern instructions; I was just far too impatient to get sewing. I’m grateful that it was a small part and there wasn’t too much material wastage, but I did feel totally daft.

To finish them off, I’ll be adding eyes and whiskers, and making a little kerchief and pinny from a made up pattern that’s still in my head. And these wee mice, Mathilda and Millicent, will be going out as part of the BrisStyle/Toy Society toy drop. If all goes to plan, I’ll be leaving them at the Mater and Royal Children’s Hospital, for sick young ones to find and love.

And as for Lou, who has been eyeing off my mice making for the last couple of weeks – she loves her new small mouse friend named Mim. So looking forward to making her some more!



MultipleMum said...

Clever thing! Your mouse looks fabulous and will really make a sick little child's day x

Jo Lynagh said...

I just read this post and noticed that you called your new mouse Mim the day that my little Mim was born!

Love the posts, Natty xx

Lisa said...

naww very cute!! im the worst for not reading patterns first.hehe

Be A Fun Mum said...

NAT! Adorable!