Monday, May 16, 2011

Mosey-in’ ‘round the garden plot

It seems as though everyone is garden mad at the moment – have you noticed that? There’s such an emphasis on ‘growing your own’ with the people I know; a lot of my friends are experimenting with herbs and basic veg, and I love how we can talk about what is working and what isn’t within our own suburban plots.

We (ok, maybe I) had grand plans to reduce our own vegetable and fruit buying by growing enough of our own; but goodness, there’s such a lot of work to be done, and even more planning, in order to sustain the needs of a hungry family of four. But I really do love the stage that our garden is in at the moment; the crops that we have planted are flourishing.

We manage a good size bowl of tiny tom tomatoes almost weekly...

...are awaiting patiently for the right time to cut our two lovely pumpkins from their vine...

...and are constantly picking off handfuls of herbs for cooking, or to give away.

Next to go in are carrots, potatoes, beans, broccoli, more strawberries and an apple tree. I’m keen for a passionfruit vine, even if they do get out of control fairly quickly. I love the idea of lemons and limes, and towards the end of winter, will be planting loads of Asian greens and salad leaves in time for late spring eating.

Are you growing veges for the first time?
Or do you have an established sustainable garden?


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MultipleMum said...

I am growing veggies for the first time (although have had some success with our citrus fruit trees in the past). I am crossing my fingers and watering daily and hoping that they will work out. I will come here for advice. You look like a seasoned pro!