Monday, May 2, 2011

What Winter Means...

For as long as I can remember, my favourite season has been summer.
But lately, I’ve been thinking more about what the cooler months mean to me, and I think it just might be giving summer a run for its money.
The reason?
Summer is all about being carefree, independent; sleeping spread-out on beds with fans moving the hot air around, playing outside until just before dinner and maybe even afterwards (if the mozzies aren’t out in force), and bright balmy mornings that see us greeting the day with enthusiasm and eagerness.
But winter is all about being warm, loving – it speaks to me of family, of being together; of slowing down, spending time, and making time. 

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The idea of winter makes me want to create cosy corners, with a comfortable chair, a reading lamp and a place to rest a hot cup of tea. It’s about 1000 piece puzzles under warm light, spread out on kitchen tables, and weeks of patient trying.
It makes me want to transform my kitchen into a beating heart; winter equals porridge with drizzled honey for breakfast, and big mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
The cooler mornings have turned my thoughts to firewood collection, and the memory of watching hypnotic fires every night with the children. I love the morning fireplace smell, and still warm daybreak coals.
It reminds me of lazy afternoons in the garden, following the sun like a cat; of closing the house up mid-afternoon to retain the day’s heat; of clear, icy winter nights with the sky brimming with stars.
The idea of winter makes me think of handmade patchwork quilts, Sunday lie-ins with the kids, all warmly close and comfortable under the heavy winter blankets; of hugs that last for minutes rather than seconds, and of cold noses and warm cheeks.

I definitely think winter may be my new favourite season.

What does winter mean to you?


Ps. Confession: I’ve never seen snow. And even though winter in Brisbane is mild and quite pleasant, this year, I’m buying mittens…


deux chiens et un garcon said...

Very thoughtful post. We are now living in the chilly highlands. winter means threadbare trees, chily winds that nearly go through all layers of clothing, learning to dress in layers, brisk walks with the dogs,central heating button, weekly fire, nights at Burrawang pub in front of their cosy fire, warm hot choccies and early nights with huge bedsocks. And forgot lots of soup and porridge.

Naomi said...

Winter is so cold and bitter here in Melbourne, I am longing for Summer to come!

At the start of Winter I get excited to be able to wear long boots, coats and scarves, but after a while I crave warmth and sunshine.

Although I do like to sit beside the fire with a glas of wine and a favourite movie!

Popping over from Weekend Rewind.

MultipleMum said...

The winter you depict here sounds scrumptious. My only bug-bear with winter isn't the cold, rather the lack of light. I love the long days of summertime. Great post! Thanks for Rewinding x