Friday, April 29, 2011

Grateful #6: What are you thankful for today?

Happy weekend!
I was wondering all night, while I was watching the wedding of the century unfold, whether I should blog about it today; I’m sure the internet is in a traffic jam over all things royal wedding.
I will say this: Yes, the dress was lovely, very Grace Kelly-like and beautifully simple. And I’m a total sucker for all that pomp and ceremony associated with major royal events. But the thing I loved the most? It was actually the suggestion of a brand new beginning – not just for Prince William and Katherine, the new Princess of Wales – but a renewed hopefulness towards and connection with the monarchy for the British people. Did you get that too? 

Aside from the loveliness of the wedding, this week I’m grateful for:

Children’s games. I’ve been watching my toddlers closely in the last few weeks – and have been amazed to see them preferring to play with one another, and an increasing fondness for imaginative play. In the last couple of days, they’ve been practicing surfing on our lounge room floor, using the TV guide as a surfboard (and when one falls in the water, the other has to jump off their surfboard and become chief rescuer); they’ve been mountain climbing, using the dining room table and chairs; and just this morning, I caught them both putting an entire collection of matchbox cars to bed, while reading a pretend story.

Banoffie Pie. I’m having a serious love affair with this sweet treat. I’ve even been dreaming about eating it, and then I can’t help but think about eating it all day long. According to Wikipedia, knower of lots of useful (and useless) information, I have to thank English chefs from the Hungry Monk in the 1970’s for its creation – so, good on you, lads. It’s a cracking piece of deliciousness.


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What are you grateful for this week?


Alice Becomes said...

mmmm, Banoffie Pie, sounds fantastic - and loving your description - a cracking piece of deliciousness! awesome

I did get the hopefulness from the wedding that you spoke of, I do think the endless coverage after the wedding, that we are now continually getting is over the top. How many times can they show the same footage over?

Naomi said...

Oh my! I could so do with a piece of pie just now. Now you have me wanting to bake something. Great list and so lovely to find your blog. Naomi

Jane said...

Banoffee pie is the bomb!! Like you, I'm also a complete sucker for anything to do with a big royal celebration. I love how Wills and Kate have almost breathed new life into the monarchy. I'm not a fan of the Queen, so am totally loving the idea of having a beautiful Queen Catherine one day xxx

Amanda said...

Never heard of Banoffie Pie before... I followed the Wiki link and it sounded wonderful... until I got to the banana part. I have a very unfortunate history with bananas involving a chemistry experiment gone terribly wrong... but the rest sounded so tasty that I'm going to try to make it with some other fruit :)

Maxabella said...

I didn't watch until the very end and I missed the Aston Martin bit... which I think was the highlight of the whole day (that and the priest doing cartwheels down the red carpet when he thought no one was watching!!!) x

MultipleMum said...

I have never even heard of Banoffie pie. Intriguing... I know I am starting unsubstantiated rumours, but I think Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry had a bit of chemistry! The bros marrying sisters? Now that would be a headline. Kate and Wills rocked and I was in love :)