Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grateful #4: What are you thankful for this week?

This week, we were fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with family – enjoying the ease, comfort and reassurance that comes with being with others who know us and love us the best. The kids and I have been wrapped up in a cocoon of warmth and love all week, and it’s made me truly thankful for the wonderful family we have.
But, in particular, this week I’m grateful for:
Cousins. They were our first childhood playmates, and now our most beloved friends as adults – both Kim and I are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of talented, kind-hearted, ambitious, and beautiful cousins, who we both admire and respect so much.
Hugs. Don’t they just make things seem more manageable and easier to bear? Hugs encourage, congratulate, welcome, comfort, and hearten; they cheer, calm, reassure, and delight. Hugs say, ‘you belong here: you belong with me.’
Image from We Heart It

Sweets. I am currently in possession of the sweetest tooth ever created. Give me a tart, cookie, pie, slice, muffin, or something caramel, custard or chocolate filled, and I’m yours.  But this week I learnt that Banoffie pie and/or raspberry almond tart can be so much more delicious when shared with someone you care about (and even better when it’s eaten in place of lunch).

What are you grateful for this week?


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Alice Becomes said...

what a sweet blog you have!

cousins are wonderful things, I am very close to mine and I hope that my little guys grow up as close to theirs

Gill x

Sandrine said...

Lovely reasons to be grateful!
Have a great week
Sandrine x

Maxabella said...

Cousins, hugs and sweets... they are all giant happy-dance kinda things for me too! I don't know my own cousins so well (distance kept us from being bosum buddies) but I make sure that my children's cousins are in their lives as much as possible and ADORE their developing relationships.

Nat, I just love looking at your blog. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. x