Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parenting 101

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Now, I confess - I’m not even close to being an expert! – but the following are random observations from my own very partial, biased and often quite naive perspective on parenting toddlers:

  1. Boys like to fix. I’m not sure if this is an innate, male driven thing, or whether it’s just my boy, but Judah’s a great pretend fixer. Give him a screwdriver and a mission, and he’ll stay happily engaged in the fixing of said thing for more than just a couple of minutes. Fixing also includes medical and dental. I had a check-up with a toy drill, a screwdriver, and an oversized plastic nut and bolt just yesterday.
  2. Boys are very affectionate. This surprised me. I assumed that the girls would be the ones for cuddles and kisses, but it’s Judah who’s on my lap the most, and who wants the longest bedtime cuddle. I like it; it’s like the slate is wiped clean every night, no matter how much of a wretched a day we’ve had together.
  3. Mothers are the hardest working people around. Not only does raising children require a super set of skills, it also requires unlimited patience, love, affection, energy, compassion, and a freaky second sight, which allows you to pre-empt any accidents, dangerous situations, and potentially tantrum-ous conditions. I love my own mother to bits, but I never really understood her until I had children of my own. Now I think she’s a superhero.
  4. Nothing beats the glow of a newborn, and the sweetness of family during the newborn phase. But, as lovely as newborns are, and in spite of how beautiful they smell, and how wonderful they are to hug and snuggle up to, I must remind myself that it’s not the greatest excuse to think about having another baby. Think instead: two hourly feeds, vomit, never-ending nappies, and no sleep.
  5. When everything is hard and frustrating, as raising children sometimes is, the best way to break the tension and to soothe a stand-off situation is to laugh.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use television to your advantage. Now, I’m not saying to sit your kids down in front of it for eight hours a day, but if it allows you to have a cup of tea and ten minutes peace to recharge – do it, and don’t feel guilty.
  7. Little girls are very clever, and are born with all the skills necessary to efficiently and effectively wrap everyone around their little finger.
  8. Going outside cures most tantrums. If in the midst of a crazy tear-your-hair-out horrid fit of temper, open the doors, put on a hat and defuse the tantrum in an instant by letting them escape into nature. Note: this does not work when in public. Public tantrums seem to be a toddler right of passage.
  9. Don’t fight with a fussy eater. Apparently toddlers live on air.
  10. When in the midst of a horrid day, remember - this too, shall pass. Hang in there, kiddo.
Do you have any tried and tested parenting advice?



ForeverRhonda said...

I think your observations are spot on. Tried and true parenting advice from me would be to never say "My child will never do that" when you are witnessing the throws of a temper tantrum in the market...because the universe, well it has a way of making you eat those words.

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I agree, Rhonda!
Thanks for commenting - I love seeing your responses every few days!

Nat x

Maddie M said...

Right on the money Nat! I can so see Judah giving your teeth the once over. Dentists do make a good income to support you in later life....mmmmmm! LOL!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

I draw comfort from these words.
xo jill

MultipleMum said...

Some very wise words there Nat! Toddlers definitely live on air, and I loved #7. Loved it! Thanks for Rewinding x

Kymmie said...

Just popping over from the Weekend Rewind (yes, I'm only JUST catching up!)

Lovely list. You're super wise ;) xx