Friday, April 22, 2011

Grateful #5: What are you thankful for today?

Happy weekend!
It’s a warm and sunny Saturday morning here, and I’m about to head out to play with the little ones. But before I do, this week I’m grateful for:

Forgiveness. I think this is one of the most powerful and amazing things we can do as human beings, don’t you? Forgiveness is born out of love; it means mended hearts, peaceful minds, and new beginnings. I see it most often in the reconciled fights between my toddlers as they embrace one another, easily and readily forgiving pushes, knocked down towers, snatched favourites, and pulled hair (which are the biggest trials in their world to date). I love the whole-hearted way that children forgive one another – it’s definitely something I’ve learnt from this week.

The Internet. I freely admit to having an infatuated love of the internet. In the last hour alone, I’ve found a recipe for potato and parmesan soup and parsley pesto, read half a dozen blogs from all over the world, found out why my pumpkins aren’t growing any bigger, paid a few bills, found a free sewing pattern, and read up on toilet training. Thank goodness that we live in an age of abundant and readily available information.

Imagination. I had a wildly vivid imagination as a kid. And after a brief leave of absence (due to baby/childrearing responsibilities), the vibrant and dramatic parts of my imagination seem to be making a reappearance. I’m having wonderful dreams and allowing room for daydreams, and I think I’m almost ready to pick up all my notes and story plans and leap head-first into a creative writing mindset again. It’s all very exciting!

Hoping your weekend is filled with family, chocolate, warm hot cross buns, love and sneaky Easter bunnies,


Ps. Want to play too? Lovely Maxabella is on holidays this week, but you can leave your grateful list in the comment section below x

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Skye Palmer Henzell said...

What a great post Nat! Today, I'm grateful for: sleep-ins, happy kids and good wine with great company this afternoon :)

BOB & MABEL said...

I love your list this week. Happy Easter x.