Monday, April 25, 2011

Pattern #1: Jofus and Lally, the adventurous little mice

One of my most favourite series of picture books are the stories of Alfie and his little sister Annie Rose by English author, Shirley Hughes. They remind me so much of my two little toddlers learning how to live, share, play, and grow together.

One of the Alfie stories we borrowed from our local library recently saw fictional Annie Rose playing with a collection of handmade mice; it made me think so much of my little Lou; at 18 months old, she is a big fan of small animals and hand-sized treasures.

Luckily for me, I’ve managed to find this gorgeous free pattern for Jofus and Lally, two adventurous and very sweet little mice, made and designed by the very clever Jodie Carleton at Vintage Ric Rac. And because I love everything to fuse together in nice little packages tied up with string, I’m making two for Lou to play with, just like Annie Rose, and two to give away during the fabulously fun BrisStyle/Toy Society toy drive, while also beginning my ‘One Pattern per Month’ sewing pledge.

Will keep you posted on my progress… feel free to join in too!


Ps. Love Alfie and Annie Rose too? Read more about this lovely fictional duo here.

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