Friday, April 8, 2011

Grateful #3: What are you thankful for today?

There’s a cacophony of cockatoos and lorikeets in the neighbourhood, the sun is warming our living spaces, the kettle is hot, and I’m having honey on toast for breakfast. It’s the weekend, finally! and today I’m grateful for:

Cooler weather. I love summer, and the beautiful, scorching summer sun, but this week I’m grateful for cooler weather, crisp early mornings, pyjamas, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and warming comfort food.

Washing machines. Most of the time, my laundry looks as though a bomb has exploded - even though I wash on a daily basis; some days, it’s seriously all I do.
But just imagine how much harder this task would be if we didn’t have our lovely washing machines: Imagine boiling water, soaking clothes, hand scrubbing with salt and vinegar, hand pressing the water from piles of clothes and linen, and all the hours and hours and hours involved in such a task.
Thank goodness for washing machines.

Image from We Heart It

I love you. Such small, powerful words! This week, our youngest said ‘I love you’ for the first time – right before bed. I thought my heart was going to burst, I was so proud of her; I also wanted her to say it a dozen more times, because the words sounded so sweet, but she refused – she’s a girl who knows her own mind. Just once, and once was more than enough.

What are you grateful for this week?


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MultipleMum said...

I am grateful for washing machines this week too. Three vomiters in the house - the WM has had a BIG role to play! x

Muddled Up Mumma said...

How beautiful. I can't wait for my little one to speak enough to mutter such precious words. Lovely to find your blog. You have helped me put a positive spin on all washing I am about to tackle this morning!

Lauren said...

that's a good perspective to have on washing machines! :)

deux chiens et un garcon said...

This post made my heart flutter. I had a dear old patient who has since passed away. He did get to meet my son just after he was born. His word resonate in my head "when he can say "I love you Mummy" you will really melt". I can't wait. We stripped all the beds today. Blissful Autumn. Looking forward to reading more.
love jill

Sim said...

I love my washing machine. Really it's a little obscene to love such an inanimate object with such affection but I truly do. We are moving back to London shortly and as silly as it is to even think it, I reallly want to take my machine with me....

Maxabella said...

Aw, 'I love you' just makes your heart leap, doesn't it! x