Sunday, April 24, 2011

Point and Shoot: Picture Clues and Chocolate Treasures

Our little Lou and Judah are ready to hunt for eggs –
They’re-all-a-hippity-hoppity-poppity on small jumping legs.
It’s Easter Sunday today, and look! The Easter bunny has been!
He’s left a chocolate fortune for our treasure-hunters keen.
Judah finds a basket, Lou finds her shoes,
And clever Daddy finds a pile of hand-drawn inky clues.
The search is on for socks, a swing - now peek into the bath;
While brainy Judah finds a line of chocolates along the path.
Are there any in the trees? Climb up high to see;
Or look inside your car seat, our cereal, or over near the keys.
Little ones with baskets full, no more eggs in hiding;
Blow kisses to the Easter bunny - the fun was in the finding!


Ps. Did you know that rabbits and bunnies actually say ‘Ribbit! Ribbit!’ because they hop just like frogs? Judah, knower of all animal facts, enlightened me this morning.
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weissbunt said...

So cute :-), what a wonderful idea to draw the clues! Have a great day - maks :-)

Lou said...

That is gorgeous Nat! And I must've been hiding under a rock because I didn't realise you had a Judah - my husband's dream name for a boy! Shame is sounds so ridiculous with our last name :(
Happy Easter xx

Ames said...

That's awesome and so creative. I love it!

Michelle said...

Of course they say ribit! Deer Mum!!